Jael, Carver Pitbull Dam

Jael, also known as Chelsea is our Carver Pitbull damThis Girl has proven herself over the years as level headed in stressful situations where she shows incredible courage and always leaves aggression as the last resort. Her qualities are exceptional as a guard dog while easily trainable to accept what you are willing to view as permissible around the home. The best way I can describe her is as a loyal and trustworthy family companion and guardian. 
A Pitbull on a swing
Like most Pitbulls she is aggressive to other dogs, but she has been well socialized and has peacefully lived with up to 40 dogs at one time, understanding that they are accepted as part of the property. She has also proved that she can be a very good farm dog, befriending pigs and chickens while distinguishing between her property and any intruders. She successfully defended the farm from four canine intruders and four feline.

She has become a real family member and understands her place, never overstepping the bounds. Jael know how to show affection too without becoming overly demanding. 

She is our inspiration for starting this breeding program, we wish every dog lover could experience this type of relationship with their best friend.

Vicious Pitbull with Pretty GirlLoving Pitbull with girlPitbull playing with a pretty girl

Alert Pitbull ready to attack