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Have you lost your Pitbull? Please post a free advert immediately in your area to help find him. After you have registered and posted your missing dog, remember to open the post and click on the social share buttons to help him show in search results.

Pitbulls are intensely emotional, highly spirited companions. These dogs love people. When well trained they are the best all rounders in the canine world

by far.

Are Pitbulls good family dogs? All dogs should be properly trained, especially around children. Pitbulls are however the most tolerant and it will usually take extreme situations before they go as far as biting a human.

There are certain requirements to be able to own one of our pups. All the pups will be sold

with certain breeding restrictions. We are determined to control the breeding of our pups as far as possible to help prevent any being used in dog fights or for breeding fighters.

Most puppies that you buy in South Africa will have a recent dogfighting background. This is very regrettable when you see the cruelty involved. This situation has made it more and more difficult to purchase a well bred Pitbull puppy for the family. We however love Pitbulls, and understand the value in owning your own well bred registered Pitbull.

Pitbulls less susceptible to human aggression, that are well balanced and with all the spirit you expect. Some Pitbulls make better guard dogs than others, we will be able to tell you the history in this regard too.

Current Litter: 7 pups born 2016/02/22, available from 7 April 2016