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Jael with Pitbull puppies for sale

Registered Pitbull puppies available in Johannesburg

 [email protected] or call 073 428 4218

Male puppies R6500
Female puppies R5500

Pups are ready to be homed at 6 weeks from 7 April 2016, but we are keeping them one more week to make sure that they are healthy after their inoculations. 

Choose your puppy below, once the puppy is booked, your name will show next to the puppy.
A happy mother of seven Pitbull Puppies

Current litter of Pitbulls - Available in Cape Town

#1 - ALREADY BOOKED! - Big Mack is a big male Pitbull pup

posted 29 Mar 2016, 06:22 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 8 Apr 2016, 04:20 ]

Big Mack has a very broad chest and is the biggest of the litter. Booked by Vicario

Big Mack is Big and Beautiful Pitbull PupBig Mack, the biggest Pitbull puppy

#2 - ALREADY BOOKED - Lincoln is a black male pup

posted 29 Mar 2016, 06:14 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 11 Apr 2016, 12:36 ]

Gorgeous Black male Pitbull for sale. Booked by Jaco
Stunning dark male Pitbull PuppyGorgeous black male Pitbull

#3 - ALREADY BOOKED! - Bobbi is a female Red Pitbull puppy full of life

posted 29 Mar 2016, 06:05 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 11 Apr 2016, 05:49 ]

Bobbi is a stunning red nose Pitbull girl, full of life and always ready for a game.
White on the nose, more to the left. Booked by Jandre

Red Pitbull pup with white on the noseBobbi, red nose Pitbull full of life

#4 - ALREADY BOOKED - Jemma - Small red nose female Pitbull puppy

posted 29 Mar 2016, 05:54 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 8 Apr 2016, 13:07 ]

Very active little girl, full of spunk! 
Red Pitbull with white on the nose to the right. Booked by Kilian

Stunning red Pitbull - Jemma
Very active red nose PitbullJemma Small and active red nose Pitbull

#5 - ALREADY BOOKED - Skye is a large dark female with White on her nose

posted 29 Mar 2016, 05:39 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 30 Mar 2016, 22:08 ]

Skye is a stunning Female Pitbull - booked by Tyla

Skye is a larger dark female PitbullShe is very good looking and solid Skye is a Strong Pitbull female

#6 May - Smaller dark Female Pitbull pup

posted 29 Mar 2016, 05:29 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 17 Apr 2016, 08:32 ]

Little May is a stunning and affectionate Pitbull girl. R3500.00 total cost, R1000 deposit to book her

The most gorgeous black female PitbullMay is an extremely affectionate girlPup 6, May is a dark smaller Pitbull

#7 - ALREADY BOOKED - Raina - Large female dark faced Pitbull puppy

posted 29 Mar 2016, 04:23 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 31 Mar 2016, 09:09 ]

Raina is a large female Pitbull, very relaxed in nature. Booked by L Burger
Raina - Stunning black Female Pitbull pup

Relaxed female Pitbull pup

Already Booked! - 1'st Born - Jael II - Beautiful female dark brindle Pitbull puppy

posted 3 Nov 2014, 03:42 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 29 Mar 2016, 10:06 ]

Jael II was the first born and is named after her mother. She is a large dog and very relaxed. A long slender dark body.
Jael is the first born of the litter, athletically built female Pitbull.
Jael is a large dark brindle female Pitbull who is very relaxed. 

ALREADY BOOKED!! 2'nd Born - Michal Black Beauty - Stunning black female Pitbull puppy

posted 3 Nov 2014, 03:24 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 12 Nov 2014, 04:44 ]

Michal is a girl. A real stunner, large built, pitch black face. Doesn't like being bathed. Loving, tough and doesn't complain.
Michal is a stunning black female pitbull

Michal is a pitch black stunning female Pitbull

ALREADY BOOKED!!! 3'rd born - Kojak, mature, spirited, adventurous and large Pitbull pup

posted 3 Nov 2014, 03:11 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 12 Nov 2014, 04:46 ]

Kojak is the largest of the litter.
Kojak crawled around on the first day he was born looking for his mother. He was the first to do everything. Does not bark much, but is extremely spirited and loves to play!
Kojac the biggest Pitbull in the litter, extremely strong

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